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Bringing Insurance to DeFi

Platform Payments in
Enterprise Insurance

IXT is used in the Beyond Insure platform for commission. This provides a simple, streamlined and cost-effective way of charging for usage in both a pay-as-you-go and subscription model

Incentive and Rewards
in Consumer Insurance

PayRue is a crypto wallet provider with over 30k users who support IXT as an incentive and reward token.

Next level utility. Exploring
the ILS markets and pools

We are exploring the use of a digital token to represent the value transfers within the Insurance Linked Security markets and carrier pools related to reinsurance.

Market Data

The primary trading venues for IXT are Uniswap and PayRue DEX. We currently support a pairing with Ether and more currencies are being added.

As of Aug 2020, IXT has around 7.7k holders globally.


Uniswap has emerged as one of the most exciting ecosystems in the DeFi space. As an open source liquidiy protocol, it provides a decentralized platform for digital asset exchange.

IXT listed on Uniswap in 2020 and focuses on building liquidity and bring new people to the community. We see this as our primary trading venue and are moving away from the centralized exchange model of the past.

Uniswap is seeing a phenomenal growth and continues reaching new heights.

About IXT

IXT conducted and ICO in 2017 and started developing insurance applications under the name iXledger. A number of high-profile partnerships were established such as GenRe, one of the world’s largest reinsurers and Paragon Brokers, a Lloyds Market broker focusing on cyber insurance.

The company behind IXT was launched in Gibraltar and founded by Ingemar Svensson, Mikael Olofsson and Cristina Dolan. Since then, the stewardship is taken over by Beyond Insure and PayRue who are now working to bring IXT to the DeFi space.